Project Showcase - Dusty Kid Stage Design by Healium

"During our visuals, our projects and installations, looping in the audience is considered our primary job. Light is the primary raw material and organizing principle in our work."

This is how Hungarian visual artist and developer team Healium describes themselves - and if you check out their latest stage design you'll be sure they are pretty right on that.

About the Project

"This unique and complex project came from the Budapest (Hungary) based party organizer team Fingers Crossed. The location (Dürer Kert) was convenient for a larger installation, so we decided to bring together a larger-scale projection mapping with the Dodecahedron and Lightformer to bring a unique experience to Dusty Kid’s and all the other artists’ performaces."

Healium used rendered content and Quartz Compositions in CoGe, on 4 Layers, applied effects and used Audio Analysis too. The output then was Syphon-ed to MadMapper to handle projection and to our own Lightformer app - see below - to handle the LEDs.

"Our software (Lightformer) aims to bring light controlling on a higher dimension. The user (VJ, light technician, artist, etc.) is able to control thousands of LEDs in a real-time, 3D environment. The solution isn’t limited on LEDs only, PAR lamps, moving heads, strobes, smoke and fume machines, kinetics or any other DMX compatible devices are controllable via the Healium Lightformer’s solution. Interaction is also part of the concept, MIDI and OSC, Kinect, Leap Motion and even sensors are supported."

The whole system came together by:

  • 5 Projectors
  • Render resolution: 3840 x 1080
  • MacPro (2013, D700 GPU)
  • 3D Screens (12 + Stage)
  • Pre-Rendered & Realtime 3D Content
  • 3D Infinite Mirror LED Dodecahedron (900px LED pixels, 6 universes)

About the Artist

"Healium Decoration team has been presenting in several venues and on several events and music festivals in Europe (e.g. Sziget, Ozora, Transylvania Calling) as VJs and lightning technicians. During our performances we experienced the limitations of technology, especially when it comes to control different lightning devices in 3D and mapping them with pre-recorded video content. Facing all these challenges made us decide to build our own control software and hardware system that is capable of 3D light control."