Project Showcase - DRT Team meets moving lights and led strips

Let start the new year with a pretty cool project of the Canadian DRT Team, controlling moving lights and led strips with CoGe and MadMapper - minimal but straight forward setup, impressive result!

About the Project

Recently we've been exploring ways of controlling multiple moving lights along with the LED structures from the same macbook pro.  Quartz Compositions with published inputs for the light's controls are then loaded into CoGe where the tap tempo and LFO's let us time the movements to the music.  Easy!

Some more technical details

Well, basically the crew made a QC patch for each light, with each controls, those patches has been loaded in CoGe multiple times with different control settings, using beat-synced LFO's to control the parameters, then used Syphon to send the output frames for MadMapper, which was responsible to control the lights depending on CoGe's output.

About the artists

DRT Team is a collective of musicians and visual artists based in Québec, Canada, creating interactive video and lighting installations as well as specializing in stage concepts and design.

Sean Caruso's blog:

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