Project Showcase - Doors

Doors - portals between worlds.  Doors - bridge to a new but virtual world. Doors - a stunning and immersive installation by THÉORIZ Studio.

About the Project

Doors is an ongoing research work from our R&D department. Between reality and virtuality, we are playing with the feeling of perception and infinite space. In this setup we had a real time anamorphic custom software computing the perspective of the nearest person. Through a 4 channel immersive and 3D spatialized sound, people could experience and discover virtual audioreactive landscapes by simply moving in space."

Creative directors: David-Alexandre CHANEL, Romain CONSTANT R&D Engineers: David-Alexandre CHANEL, Tom DUCHÊNE, Antoine GOLDSTRICH, Baptiste MOIZARD Sound Design: Romain CONSTANT Video: Tom DUCHÊNE

David from THÉORIZ was so kind to share some technical info with us about what was Vezér's role in this project:

  • Synchronizing sound / video / 3D by being the timeline - Sending OSC event and Cues to Unity 3D engine
  • Being the main multichannel audio player
  • Piloting Resolume (Resolume was streaming displacement map and textures to Unity), Vezér was applying effects and triggering textures on Resolume
  • Being flexible to change all those aspects during creation and also during the event


THÉORIZ is a creation studio gathering a team of professional engineers, visual artists and creative developers.