More on CoGe 1.3 - Sliders, sliders, and wait... sliders!

Here we go, an other teaser-ish post for the weekend, about some lightweight improvements in the upcoming CoGe 1.3, and all related to sliders. Because I love sliders, you know? :) Facts:

  • Sliders in CoGe 1.3 displays their current value with numbers on the right side.
  • Sliders can invert their controlling value in CoGe 1.3. This means if you turning a MIDI knob assigned to the slider tothe right for example, the slider will turn to the left - if inverting is enabled.
  • There are new sliders on Sequencers,  for sending values also with a trigger. Other sliders can use this value as a syncing-source.
  • A special new slider is available for Player modules which can talkback with the QC composition - in other words, a Player module can control it. Very useful for displaying and controlling movie files playhead.

That's all folk, for now! Next week I'll show you the big hitters in CoGe 1.3!