iPhone/iPad as an input in CoGe using AirBeam and Syphon

Did you ever think that your iPhone or iPad could be a wireless camera? Did you ever think that you can use it in CoGe? Now it is possible, with a tiny but mighty app AirBeam and the awesome Syphon technology. Here is a tutorial how to make it working - its just a couple of things you need to do:

1. Get and configure AirBeam

AirBeam running on Camera mode on an iPad First of all, you need to download AirBeam for your iPhone/iPad from the App Store, and also for you Mac. Since AirBeam works in a kind of server-client(s) architecture, your Mac will be the server and the iPhone/iPad (or multiple iPhones/iPads) will be the client(s). Now start AirBeam on your tablet/phone, and select Camera mode. Thats all. If you want, you can select a specific camera - if your device has multiple - frame rate, resolution and other things as well. Okay, now start AirBeam on your Mac. The app will search for devices - it will find your device pretty fast, then you can hit the Play button on the device to start capturing. When the capture started, a Syphon server automagically created by AirBeam, so, its time to start CoGe and have fun!

2. Have fun!

Start CoGe and create a new SyphonSource gadget from the Interface menu, apply some effects, and... that's all! Really easy, isn't it?