Important effect update for CoGe 1.0 and 1.0.1

Crosses and Lines, a popular effect shipped with official CoGe releases had some issues, and had to be fixed, now its available on the forum for download, read the announcement posted on the topic:

This effect is part of the bundled effect pack - in Special category - of CoGe 1.0 and CoGe 1.0.1, but it has an issue which can crash the application, so please download the attachment and overwrite the old one. Versions greater then 1.0.1 contains this safe version of the effect, but if you update CoGe with the built-in updater function, you must download the attachment and replace the effect with this new one, because the built-in updater just updates, not all the modules.

So please go to the forum and grab the safe version! Sorry for the annoyance, and thanks for George Toledo for pointing out how could i fix it!