Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

2011 just ended, and it was the very first your of me and CoGe in the commercial land. I was a bit scared about taking that step, but now it really seems to be a good choice. There are many CoGe users all around the world now, from 28 different countries and the most users are from Japan, France, USA, United**Kingdom and Canada! CoGe 1.0 released 4 months ago, and in the past months more then 20 little and big new features added, and also more then 30 bugs fixed, so 2011 was a successful year on the coding side too! This cannot be done without you guys, you just rocks**! Thanks for supporting the project, I hope you really enjoy using CoGe. Hope year 2012 will be at least great than 2011, I have a lots of ideas and a pretty great feature wish-list from you guys, so, lets start 2012. :)