Frames and Shapes...

... is the name of the most popular video I made on Vimeo. I surprised a bit about it, because it is soooo simple, its just based one a simple idea. Its a good example of how you can make good stuff with just a simple idea. I think this is an important topic, because we have a lots of possibilities nowadays, and we recently making very complex stuff, tons of layers, effects and sometimes just forgot things can be easy and simple, and a simple idea can be better than a load of ... anything :)

  When I started to make the video for the music, I just got an idea: using only one abstract image in the background, and create layers from it, by using little moving boxes as masks on the same image used to the background but with 90/180/240 degrees rotation. So I just created an abstract image in Photoshop, by using some brushes and vector sources from [DeviantArt]( - sorry, just can't remember what I used exactly. Then I made the whole masking and animating things in After Effects - done very fast -  also added some move to that background image -, I not spent more time than a couple of hours on the project. ![](polygon01.jpg "Polygon") I re-created the process when working on CoGe 1.0, and made an Effect from it, called **Frames and Shapes**. The Effect is part of the official CoGe effects, you will find it in the ***Special*** category of the right-click menu. **So, its available for everyone, yay!** :) Give it a try if you missed  and have fun with it, and remember, you can create awesome stuff only with a good idea ;) ![](frames-and-shapes-in-coge.jpg "Frames and Shapes Effect in CoGe")