Footage: NYE Countdown in Quartz Composer

Just before a few days of NYE, tons of NYE related content taken recently, you know countdowns, fireworks and other stuff. That files mostly video loops, and I just got the idea why not creating this by Quartz Composer and make it re-usable every year. I've got a little free time in the past days and just made a little countdown in Quartz Composer, and I want to share with you. It should working in any Quartz Composer hosts, but I think the best way is using it with CoGe :) Well, see what this composition does, and what you can set up:

  • you can set up the destination year
  • you can set up the message that will be displays when the new year reached
  • you can set up the font and font size displays the countdown and the color as well
  • the composition has some basic position and rotate controls
  • this composition will displays the seconds remains till the destination year

That's all. Now grab it from the CoGe support site!