Connecting CoGe to MadMapper via Syphon

One of the most import features of CoGe 1.0 is the native Syphon support. If you missed Syphon, it basically shares frames with applications and hosts - in a nutshell, you are able to receive frames in CoGe from any other Syphon capable app/host and CoGe also can send frames to any other app or host, just like Max/MSP, Quartz Composer, Unity 3D and a bunch of other apps. More info on the Syphon site - thanks again for Tom and Vade to make this possible!

For now, we will take a little look into Madmapper, an other Syphon capable app designed for help you doing (architectural) projection mapping. Now let me write a bit about the steps you need to do to pass frames to Madmapper from CoGe.


Launch CoGe and create at least one ClipSynth which plays media. ClipSynths and the Master Mixer has a built-in Syphon Server, which will start the job automatically if a Syphon capable app connected. This means you have to do nothing to make it working, CoGe makes it automatically for you. It is sweet and super easy, isn't it?

A performance tip: if you using CoGe as a slave, you can collapse the Main Output window by clicking on the little triangle on the top-left corner - if the Main Output window is collapsed,  CoGe will skip the canvas rendering, which can do a little performance up.


Launch the MadMapper app. CoGe Master Mixer - aka the "final output" - and all the ClipSynths will automatically appear in the Syphon section of your inputs. Double click it and MadMapper will display the frames in the Input View. Now you can create primitives and start the Mad Mapping :)