CoGe 1.6.5 release and 2016 pricing

We are happy to announce that CoGe 1.6.5 is available from now, with enhanced Vuo Generator and Image Filter performance, and bug fixes around movie playback as well as others - and as always, its a free update. The full changelog can be found CoGeVJ Changelog.

In 2016, we decided to raise the price of CoGeVJ from the original $99 to $129. Since we released CoGe almost 5 years ago, we've released 49(!) updates, most of them added new major functionality to the app, like Layer Groups, Video Inputs, Media Banks, MIDI/OSC Talkback, Vuo Support, ISF FX support, etc. The price never changed over the years, but as we think, CoGe worth more now than its original pricing.

Of course, this change does not affect our current customers, all 1.x updates will be remain free.