CoGe 1.6.4 released

CoGe 1.6.4 has been released with new features as well as bug fixes. The most exciting new feature is the ISF Effect support. ISF stands for Interactive Shader Format, it is a file format that describes a GLSL fragment shader, as well as how to interact with and execute it - the format is developer by the guys at Vidvox.

CoGe comes with 150+ ISF filters, and since ISF effects are lightweight and pretty fast, we suggest to use them instead of Core Image and QC effects whenever its possible. In this release we also support Vuo Image filters, the Ram Preload function has been enhanced.

You can find more info about it, as well as downloadable filters at

For the full list of changes please check out the changelogs.

You can update from the built-in updater, or by download the latest version from the website.