CoGe 1.5.2 released - enhanced performance!

We are really happy to announce the newest update, CoGe 1.5.2.  This update focusing on performance improvements by adding a native (not Quartz Composer based) Quicktime movie player module and rendering pipeline optimisations, and also focusing on stability - since there is an issue with recent graphics drivers and Core Image on OSX 10.9 Mavericks, we decided to replace the Core Image parts of the application.

This may results better stability with recent machines using 10.9, but unfortunately it still not the cure for the graphics driver related problems. As always, please get in touch if you experience any problems with CoGe.

The rendering pipeline optimisations affects EffectChains, SyphonSources, VideoInputs and the LayerGroups as well. Core Image filters may rendering even faster, but be careful using those effects on 10.9! So, here comes the list of the most important additions:

Native Quicktime Movie Player module

CoGe 1.5.2 introduces a new, native Quicktime based player module for movie playback, with native HAP support too.

Native means it is NOT a Quartz Composer based module, it is hardcoded in the app. It has the same functionality then the CoGeMoviePlayer series, but since it does not use QC for rendering, it using less resources and rendering faster then the QC based modules. This is the new default movie player module, and it is the successor of the gold old CoGeMoviePlayer module, which is deprecated from now. ## OpenGL Blends modes in the LayerGroup

OpenGL Blend modes While CoGe 1.5.2 makes Core Image Blend modes running even faster, it is still not safe to use Core Image on 10.9. So, we started to add some OpenGL based blend modes as replacements, which are not just safer but even faster too. There are only a couple of those in this release, for the most used ones, but more to come soon! ## Other small improvements

  • Now you can sync sliders together, using the Sync To: menu item from the right-click menu.
  • Added option to set the default OSC message mode for matrixes: use Single OSC Message or not.

    With the changes made in CoGe 1.5.2, our internal tests using the new, Native Movie Player and the OpenGL blend modes there are up to 80% performance improvements. Of course, this could be less or more, depending on the rendering resolution and other variables - we will do a well detailed performance test soon on the blog. To update to 1.5.2 use the built-in updater, or grab the new version from the website!