CoGe 1.4.2 released

A new milestone reached today, so I'm happy to announce the latest and greatest CoGe release, version 1.4.2. Its a minor release with a couple of fixes for bugs I found with your help since the release - thanks for everyone who sent me reports with detailed informations, those really helped a lot - and also a couple of new handy features, like:

Live-search for module selection

Not really fancy, but really useful. Every module select menus got this new Search: section, helps you finding the module you need pretty fast. For Sliders, the result will also lists the Volume Peak and the Band values, for Effects, the result contains both Core Image and Quartz Composer effect.  

Support for the GPU accelerated Hap codec

Tom 'bangnoise' Butterworth and the Vidvox guys recently release a new, open-source, GPU accelerated video codec with the name Hap. In a nutshell, this means the most of the job of displaying a video frame done by the GPU instead of the GPU, which gives you more performance when playing with movies - especially with HD stuff. CoGe 1.4.2 gives support for this new codec thru the CoGeMoviePlayer modules. Read more about the this new codec here: You need to grab and install the Quicktime codec first  from here to leverage the power of Hap:

Momentary Key mode for buttons

With this release the whole Key handling pipeline redesigned to make this feature available for buttons. Now, when this mode is checked on a button, its going to be turned on only while you pressing the button's key equivalent - like a piano!  

Some other improvements

Rendering speed improved in some circumstances, the CoGeMoviePlayer now able to trigger the next Media Bank like the next Media Slot as well, and there are a couple of new LFOs and one FX. Thats all for now, folks! Grab the new version with the build from updater or from the site.