CoGe 1.3 - Video Inputs

The second on the list of most wanted features in CoGe was the possibility of using cameras in a better way. A better way, because CoGe already had a Player module for that, but it can only used the system wide default video input device. So, I'm very happy to announce the Video Input gadget, a new, Quicktime-based layer source  in CoGe 1.3. 

The VideoInput Gadget in CoGe supports the use of Quicktime-compatible video input devices (connected via USB, FireWire, PCI or Thunderbolt) such as (web)cams, digitizers and capture cards as a Layer Source. A VideoInput Gadget has its own Syphon Server like any other Layer Sources in CoGe.

That's all folks, for now, CoGe 1.3 will be released at the weekend!