CoGe 1.3 and Media Banks

Since the release of the new 1.3 version of CoGe is pretty close, it's time to release some informations about the upcoming release. CoGe 1.3 will be a huge and very important release, over 20 new features and many bug-fixes - as always some of changes and features are bigger, and some are lesser.  Can't say any promising about the exact release date yet, but around end of April or start of May. As always, its a free update for existing customers. The official website will get a new dress as well, but its an other story. I start  leaking information now, by introducing one of the new features of the upcoming CoGe 1.3 : Media Banks. The facts on Media Banks:

  • Media Banks are group of Media Slot contents
  • A Media Bank holds content for 16 Media Slots
  • Each ClipSynths have 16 Media Banks
  • Switching between Media Banks is just a click
  • Switching between Media Banks is fast
  • Switching between Media Banks just replaces the content on the Media Slots, won't mess around Key/MIDI/OSC bindings

That's all. Its a simple, but a very useful thing. Hard to explain it more in text - see it in action in the following little demo video:

Hint: there are some other new things in the video - if you pay attention to the details.  

That's all, folks - for now!