CoGe 1.2 - Sliders and buttons are able to send MIDI and OSC messages

Release of CoGe 1.2 getting closer and closer, so I'll leak some more information about it. As a new feature in version 1.2, sliders and buttons are able to send MIDI and OSC messages, in a super easy way. To that, you just need to do a right-click on a slider or a button, and select Enable MIDI/OSC sending. For MIDI sending, you can define the send-to channel and the CC/Note number as well. Messages will be sent to all available MIDI devices, and to a  special, dedicated MIDI port called From CoGe.  For OSC, you can define the name of the message (the output Port and IP are defined in the CoGe Preferences).

I think this feature really opens some new doors, because with this stuff you can control external MIDI devices, controllers, audio softwares or an other computer by CoGe. I planning to make some videos showing this things in action, but also would be super-cool to see some videos from you using this little features after the new version released :)

Stay tuned, I'll leak some more information soon about CoGe 1.2, which is going to be released next week!