CoGe 1.2 - Renaming Gadgets

Last time I talked about the upcoming major update, CoGe 1.2 and the performance improvement, and I said there are other new things too. We do we see  now is one of the new things is not a breathtaking, but a very useful feature, Gadget Renaming. Let me explain what is this exactly.

Effect Chain with the default title - note the NC button on the left side! So, CoGe is a modular application, this means you can create a lot of little things, Gadgets, like ClipSynths, Effect Chains, Sequencers and more. When you create one of them, CoGe will automatically assign a name - a title - to it, you know, ClipSynth-1, ClipSynth-2 and more. If you created a couple of things, some ClipSynths and some Effect Chains for example, and you drank a few beers - just for the example, haha :) - you will ran into the issue things with those numbered names not easy to identify. I got some feature requests on this topic, and in CoGe 1.2 I just implemented it. Anyway, the feature requests are usually implemented in time ;) It was not as easy  as it looks like because CoGe using those title to identify things under to hood, but it was not impossible.

This happens when you click on the NC button - yay, you can type a new name! Using this feature in CoGe 1.2 is a really easy task. All Gadgets got a button-like-thing on the left side of the title bar with the title NC aka Name Change. When you click on this button a window will pop-up, where you can type and apply the new name. CoGe will also take care of what you need, for example, does not admit two things with the same name. Once the new name is applied, CoGe will do update all things to use the new name in the background, for example, if you just renamed EffectChain-1 to My Super Cool Effects, and it was assigned to a ClipSynth or something, the new name will appear on the chain select pop-up. This is so cool, isn't it? :)

Gadgets after renaming. Note that the ClipSynths also renamed, and see the new name also appears on the FX Chain select popup. I think this is good for know, next time I will telling about an other new feature, but till then, have fun ;)