CoGe 1.2 - Much Better Performance

Since CoGe 1.2 is near to be ready, i want to share some information about it, just for to make you guys hungry :) Most of the things are ready, but there are some things that even i have to work, so the planned release date is around middle of December, 2011 - it seems to be a nice Christmas Present, isn't it? I think the most important things with the 1.2 update is the performance increase. I did some optimizations on the rendering pipeline, then did some tests, and i was very surprised with the result. The test machine was my MacBook Pro 13" with a NVidia 320M graphics card. Let me share the test results!

Test #1: Playback two 720p movie loops at 1280x720 rendering resolution and composite them with Multiply at the end.

A simple case. I just used two HD  fancy Beeple video loops, because i have no own footage at this resolution - i mostly work with 640x360 loops, but its an other story. So i created a project with those loops, used the standard Simple Movie Player module and the All Composite Mixer module with Multiply selected. Results:

CoGe 1.1.1: solid performance, around 30 FPS. Not too bad.

CoGe 1.2: around 56 FPS. Woot, this is pretty cool isn't it? This is around 80% performace increase, yay!

Test #2: Playback 4 standard movie loops (640x360) at 1280x720 rendering resolution with Over Blend.

That was a bit trickier case, i created 4 ClipSynth, each of them played back a 640x360 black and white footage of my own with the Simple Movie Player. On the Mixer side i used 4 Layers with Opacity Mixer module. This time i was not surprised about the results, but... :) Results:

CoGe 1.1.1: solid 22 FPS, its not too much.

CoGe 1.2: i saw  80% increase in the previous test case, but the result is better then i expected: 50 FPS! Ohh, yes, its around a 127% performance increase, so cool, isn't it? :)

Well, so cool results guys, i hope you can't wait to get your hands on this stuff :) But you have to wait till mid-December to get it, but till then, i'll share more information about the new things in CoGe 1.2.