CoGe 1.2 Masterclass at Freemote 11

During the Freemote 11 Festival  Vargasz, a friend of my, and also an experienced member of the CoGe Beta Tester Crew will do a 3 hours long CoGe workshop.

He will show you a lot of things, from the really basics of CoGe to the upper levels, how to syncing things together, how to using the audio analysis, how to using MIDI and OSC, how to building modules for CoGe with Quartz Composer and more. The workshop participants will be the firsts who will seeing, using and* get a copy of  the new CoGe 1.2- a close to final - version in action with all of the handy new features! A pretty cool video by Vargasz created with CoGe 1.2:

To participate you need a Passepartout Master (40 euro). This includes access to all 5 days & nights of the festival program and your participation to the masterclass. Register today! If you go in early December to the Netherlands don't miss the Freemote 11 Festival in Utrecht! More info:- Freemote 11 official website

FREEMOTE 11 : Threshold edition from born digital on Vimeo.