CoGe 1.2 - Layer Groups

With CoGe you can use arbitrary layers since the 1.0 version released. For handling those layers you could use the Mixer Chain, but as in the name is more like a mixer then a tool too handling layers, if you just want to use them layers like in other layer based application. Okay, its a bit crazy sentence, but you know, if you just want to place layers of the top of the each, playing with opacity... now you feel, isn't it? :)

Thats why I created a new Gadget with the name Layer Group in CoGe 1.2.

A Layer Group is for manage multiple layers, where layers are CoGe layer sources: ClipSynths and SyphonSources actually. A Layer Group is a layer source too, so you can mix them together or with other layers in the Master Mixer. Layer Groups also have a Syphon Server at the end, so you can use Layer Groups outputs as  sources in other Syphon capable applications.

You can also see all Gadgets are renamed as well. Here is a summary list about what a Layer Group can do in non particular order:

  • you can use arbitrary amount of Layer Groups
  • it can has arbitrary amount of layers
  • you can change the source of a layer item
  • all layers have an Opacity slider
  • you can toggle on/off a layer
  • you can re-arrange layers
  • you can apply an Effect Chain on each layer
  • you can apply an Effect Chain on the whole Layer Group
  • you can change the blend mode (currently Over and Add) of a layer
  • you can use a layer source multiple times

    For now, that's all. Watch the video below to see this stuff in action. Anyway, only one new feature left I should talking about, and keep in mind CoGe 1.2 will be released next week, yay!