CoGe 1.2.1 with better font handling, text files playback and bug fixes

Hello 2012, Hello CoGe, so Hello first minor update of CoGe in 2012 :) CoGe 1.2.1 just released a few moments ago, with some performance-, rendering- and other minor and misc fixes - see the complete changelog on the download site. Thanks for all people reported those issues by sending reports or posting to the forum! This version also extends the functionality of CoGe with two little but fancy new features:

Text File Playback

Some weeks ago I made a very little plugin for Quartz Composer CoGeTextFileReader, which can read and divide a plain text file to subdivisions - separated by the space characters. This plugin now bundled with CoGe, so you can playback plain text files in the app, and also made a Player Module for that to read a new part of the text file on every beat. From now .txt files also handled with APS.


Showing up font-look with the fontName parameter

Some of the effect of CoGe has a fontName parameter, where you can select the font used to rendering text. This is cool, but before CoGe 1.2.1, you just saw the name of the font, which is not really useful in many cases, so CoGe 1.2.1 draws title cells of the fontName parameter pop-up with the font it represents. Take a look at the screenshot, much better, isn't it? :)

That's all for now. Don't forget to grab CoGe 1.2.1 with the built-in updater or just download from the download section of the CoGe site. Also don't forget about you can purchase CoGe at discount price with the X-Mas Offer till 5th of January, 2012!