CoGe 1.1 available!

After 2 months of the 1.0 version, i'm happy to release the new 1.1 version of CoGe, grab it from the download site, or use the built-in updater! This version includes a couple of bug fixes (you can see the complete list on the download site), but CoGe 1.1 is a major release, so it has some pretty new features too :)

Audio Analysis

Audio Analysis creates useable values for sliders from the incoming audio signal, by using the system-wide default audio input device - what you selected in OS X's System Preferences.


If you find your project not too transparent anytime because the too much windows, you will really love this stuff. Aligners are basically created for manage windows in to smaller groups, and makes your project more transparent! It's pretty easy to use, just click on the A field on a window, and a popup menu will order front, where you can create a new Aligner and attach the window to it, or just attach the window to a previously created aligner. To un-align a window, click on to the U field on the window. Projects and Presets Explorer Just an other useful stuff. Allows you to preview your project and preset files with Quick Look, and load it in CoGe. Pretty damn easy to use, but much better then manage this kind of stuffs in Finder.

Too much words for now, better to watch a video about this stuffs, i guess :)