CoGe 1.0.2 - new features, bug fixes and more!

I'm happy to release version 1.0.2, the second minor release of CoGe. This update adds some little new features, the most important is CoGe is compatible with Intel GMA integrated graphics cards from now! But this graphics cards missing some features, so MSAA will not work on those. Also an important Intel graphics card related bug fix is included with the update: this update fixes an issue with Intel HD 3000 graphics based machines which cause random crashing the app very frequently. All know issues have been fixes, mostly Key/MIDI/OSC assignments related.

Grab the app from the download page and see the changelog, or use the built-in updater! Hurry up! CoGe Launch Offer (20% rabat) will ends on this Friday (10 September, 2011) at midnight (GMT). Ohh, and one more thing. Always love to see what users doing with CoGe, and always love to see users making tutorials for others! This time Ian Campbell created a very good explained tutorial with the basics - thanks a lot Ian! -  check it out: