CoGe 1.0.1 released!

Here we go, the first little update just released. It fixes 3 little bugs, one happens recently if you check on ClipSynths Stay On Top function - this function makes ClipSynths visible if you select an other app and CoGe goes to the background. This function is handy if you select Finder to search for movie clips for example, till ClipSynths are visible dropping files to Media Slots is easier. On other issue happened sometimes when closing sequencers, and the last one made errors if no layers are created but you clicked on the first output selector of the Master Mixer. Thanks for all how reported the issues. Anyway guys, when reporting an issue via the built-in reporter, giving me your e-mail address is a good idea. I can make contact with you with some questions helps me figuring out what was the problem faster! Well, please grab the new version via the built-in updater by clicking on the Check for updates... menu item in the CoGe menu, or just downloading it from the Download section of CoGe's site.