macOS Big Sur + Apple Silicon Compatibility

Big Sur

macOS 11 Big Sur is out now, and although we did not find any major compatibility problems with the latest version of Mitti and Vezér there is no reason to rush upgrading primary systems until Apple releases at least the first dot release.

CoGe is not compatible with macOS Big Sur yet. Development of CoGe 2.0 is slower than expected, unfortunately.

Apple Silicon

Apple released new Macs with their own chips called M1, and they are planning to fully switch from Intel architecture within a few years.

By now, we were able to run basic tests on the new architecture, and the latest versions of both Mitti and Vezér runs well by Rosetta2 - and under-the-hood Apple technology that allows software made for x86 (Intel) run on ARM (M1).

In the future, and we are going to make native versions of Mitti, Vezér and CoGeVJ for these new Macs and architecture, but it is difficult to provide any specific date today.

We are also committed to continuing support for x86 (Intel) based Macs.

We are here to help!

Unfortunately we were not able to test every possible hardware and software combinations, so if you are running into any issues, please don't hesitate to contact us!