Audio & Sync - Vezér 1.1 released

Vezér is a relatively young software since it has been released this July, so I am super excited to announce the first major update of it, 1.1, which is focusing on Audio and Sync. So, as I said, Audio and Sync - the two territories you asked me a lot of questions about, and sent lot of  feature requests, so I thought its worth to spend "some" sleepless nights to try to boost the capabilities of Vezér on those fields. Here are the results, let me tell you what is new in the latest and greatest update of Vezér - hope you guys will enjoying it ;)

MIDI Clock Sync

Now its possible to Sync a Composition to an external software - like Ableton Live - via MIDI Clock, leveraging the Song Position Pointer aka SPP. It requires only very minimal setup:

  ## Audio Tracks - Playback and Convert-to-Keyframes Vezér 1.1 introduces a **new Track Type: Audio**. So yes, now you can import audio files into Vezér and playback them on the specified audio output, but not just that: you can convert the audio data to Keyframes, even with filtering applied. You will find more information on this [Knowledge Base article]( "Audio Tracks in Vezér"), but watch this little demonstration as well:
  ## Record OSC, MIDI Clock output and more! But there are much more gems in this new release - [changelog]( - like Vezér now able to record incoming OSC as the same way as [MIDI]( "Record and playback Midi in CoGe, Modul8, Resolume and VDMX"), it has a [MIDI Clock output]( "MIDI Clock output of Vezér") on its own, now you  can collapse Tracks, optimised drawing performance and important bug fixes, etc... and it rocks! :)