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Send MIDI from Logic Pro X to CoGe

  1. Once you launched CoGe and Logic Pro X, create a new MIDI Track on Logic from the Tracks menu. Select "An external MIDI or USB Device" and set the output to "To CoGe". The "To CoGe" MIDI port is a dedicated port of CoGe to receive MIDI commands, of course you can use any MIDI ports but for now we will stick with this.

  1. Once the MIDI Track has been created do a right-click on the timeline area, and select Create Empty MIDI Region.

  1. Once Logic created the MIDI Region, double-click it, which will opens the Piano Roll tab. You can add some notes with the Pencil tool.

  1. Now when you start playback in Logic, it will send MIDI Notes to CoGe. To assign a specific MIDI message to a Media Slot for example, do right-clicking on the Slot in CoGe, and select the corresponding MIDI NoteOn message.

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