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CoGe adds custom velocity settings for MIDI sending

Posted on: July 10th, 2012

A new minor release of CoGe just released with a couple of fixes and some new features. The most important new thing is the possibility to set up custom MIDI velocity or CC  values with MIDI sending for :

  • the currently selected Media Slot
  • non-empty Media Slots
  • and buttons.

Launchpad in Talkback mode with using custom MIDI velocity values

This feature is very handy if you have a controller with multi-colored buttons, and the availability to set the color with MIDI velocity/CC values, like the Novation Launchpad or the Livid Ohm RGB controllers. Check the picture beside for an example!

Check out the complete changelog if you dare, and use the in-app updater to grab the fresh version – or grab the .dmg from the website!

CoGeBeatDetektor Quartz Composer plugin updated with Beats output

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012

Just a minor, but a pretty useful update for the CoGeBeatDetektor Quartz Composer plugin: v0.2 adds Beats output, a numeric output with the number of beats. Connect a Watcher or Pulse patch to in in Quartz Composer to be notified when beats changed!

If you missed the intro article of this plugin, check it out now!