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New modules, features and bug fixes: CoGe released

Posted on: June 27th, 2012

A new minor release, CoGe is out. This release fixes some annoying bugs, but also installs some new Mixer and Control modules. It also contains a new feature, which will help you with MIDI/OSC Talkback – from now, you have an option in the Outputs menu to send a MIDI/OSC message with all senders, so if you set up MIDI/OSC Talkback with a controller, this way it can be easily synchronized with CoGe. This feature also triggered automagically when you load a project/preset, so your devices will be in sync with CoGe from the start!

Thanks for everybody who helped me fixing problems by reporting them and checking out public beta builds, and for the tons of great feature requests as well!

Check out the changelog if you dare, and use the in-app updater to grab the fresh version – or grab the .dmg from the website!

iPhone/iPad as an input in CoGe using AirBeam and Syphon

Posted on: June 11th, 2012

Did you ever think that your iPhone or iPad could be a wireless camera? Did you ever think that you can use it in CoGe? Now it is possible, with a tiny but mighty app AirBeam and the awesome Syphon technology. Here is a tutorial how to make it working – its just a couple of things you need to do:

1. Get and configure AirBeam

AirBeam running on Camera mode on an iPad

First of all, you need to download AirBeam for your iPhone/iPad from the App Store, and also for you Mac. Since AirBeam works in a kind of server-client(s) architecture, your Mac will be the server and the iPhone/iPad (or multiple iPhones/iPads) will be the client(s).

Now start AirBeam on your tablet/phone, and select Camera mode. Thats all. If you want, you can select a specific camera – if your device has multiple – frame rate, resolution and other things as well.

Okay, now start AirBeam on your Mac. The app will search for devices – it will find your device pretty fast, then you can hit the Play button on the device to start capturing. When the capture started, a Syphon server automagically created by AirBeam, so, its time to start CoGe and have fun!

AirBeam running on the Mac

2. Have fun!

Start CoGe and create a new SyphonSource gadget from the Interface menu, apply some effects, and… that’s all! Really easy, isn’t it?

AirBeam-ed camera feed going thru an effect in CoGe, yay!

CoGe out now, fixes issues

Posted on: June 8th, 2012

A new really minor release, CoGe is out, but fixes various issues – the most important is a bug introduced with the release, which produced random crashes during the application launch process on certain setups.

Thanks to everybody who helped me fixing those problems by checking out private beta builds!

Check out the changelog if you dare, and use the in-app updater to grab the fresh version – or grab the .dmg from the website!