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CoGe Workshop at Space VJ Meeting Poland!

Posted on: February 27th, 2012

This Saturday (03. 03. 2012) Vargasz and me doing a 2 hours long CoGe workshop during the Space VJ Meeting in Olsztyn, Poland event. More about the event from its official Facebook page:

VJ Diablos and VJ Forum International are organizing a four-day expo with workshops and performances, as part of the „Space VJ Meeting Poland” series by VJ Diablos.

This time VJ DIABLOS’ idea was to prepare a small 🙂
party@small club with one VJ and one DJ, but BJORN SAMSON (VJ Forum International, Dizzy&Woozy) offered help so this event is international now, lets get started!

Are you ready to show your skills in an amazing location?
VJ Diablos invites us to the Planetarium in Olsztyn, from 1st of March till 4th of March (4day event), where we can connect our favourite toys to some projectors and all share an extraordinary moment by doing what we like.”

The event, and the workshop is FREE, and the place looks like amazing! We are looking forward to meet you in Olsztyn, Poland this weekend!

More info:
CoGe workshop  event on Facebook
Space VJ Meeting Poland on Facebook
Space VJ Meeting Official Website 


CoGeWebKit new release: RC3, plus some examples

Posted on: February 16th, 2012

Oh yes, a new release of the notorious CoGeWebKit Quartz Composer Plugin just released, with some fixes and little additions:

  • adds a new isActive parameter, for toggle the rendering on/off
  • removes the restriction of the maximum rendering size
  • fixes a page loading, and some other minor issues

If you missed this plugin, and you are familiar with Quartz Composer, you definitely give some attention to this plugin: it uses the WebKit engine to rendering web pages to texture (transparency supported), including Java and Flash (Adobe Flash plugin needs to be installed) content, also supports mouse interaction (you can scroll, click, etc.), also have a mini built-in web-browser window to make browsing easier. You can pass Javascript to the webpage and the plugin also make a structure for you with the images used on the current site. Sounds great, isn’t is?

Here is an – bit old – example video showing the plugin in action:


An other example, where George Toledo shows how simple is using Three.js – a super Javascript 3D engine – with CoGeWebkit in Quartz Composer:


And finally an other – old – example using Youtube’s JS API to control playback of a video on Youtube with CoGeWebKit plugin:

Disable Hardware acceleration

However, with Flash plugin 11 or greater, you must disable hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin preferences (right-click on a Flash content in Safari and choose settings) to make it working!




That’s all for now, folks! Grab the CoGeWebKit Quartz Composer plugin and try yourself, and check out the forum on CoGe site for some other examples!